9.5″ G-spot Ejaculating Dildo, Realistic Squiring Male Erection Penis with Strong Suction Cup, Fondlove Large Black Thick Cock Anal Strap on Dildo Easy Insertable Sex Toy for Lesbian and Couple

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  • ❤Longer and Stiffer for Normal Player- Special sex toy for female masturbation, the 9.4 inch G-spot dildo with 7” insertable length, is more easy to touch female’s G-spot, you can enjoy a better orgasm from this fake penis.
  • ❤Unique Man Erection Designed – This dildo is mimic male’s erection state. The strong man is slowly approaching you, his attack is powerful and stimulating! And the pointed head makes easier to get into your body, smooth and enjoyable.
  • ❤Ejaculating Dildo Designed – Add liquid (warm or cold ) that you like into the control ball then you will feel that a powerful heat wave suddenly flow into your vagina, warm and slippery. He can ejaculating on anywhere you like!
  • ❤Strong Suction Cup Dildo– Fondlove Dildo came with powerful suction cup base for hands-free play even with a quite vigorous usage. Stick it on a chair, wall, or floor and rub your clit while you ride for amazing dual stimulation, strap on dildo is also available for lesbian.
  • ❤Discreet Package & Warranty — You are free covered with 30 days quality guaranty. It will be shipped in private and 100% discreet standard packaging. Add it to your cart now!


Product Description

Fondlove: One of the Top Leaders in Adult Toys and Products.

Fondlove was founded on one core idea – that sex should be enjoyed without reservation, judgment, or guilt. We were determined to bring high quality products, the kinds of products our own staff use, to our customers in a casual, classy, safe, fun, informative, and sex-positive atmosphere.

We believe that every one of us has a little bit of naughty inside just begging to be let out. We want to encourage you to enjoy your sexuality, to play, to experiment – either by yourself or with your lover.


Why should I choose this dildo?

Special Function: It is a ejaculating dildo, more fun than normal dildo, offer you the realistic feeling!

Lenghth: The one is 9.5″ long, basically the longest squiring dildo on the market. Means you can get bigger and more comprehensive stimulation!

Male Erection Designed: Designed to mimic man’s erection, stronger and stiffer man are more likely to touch your highly sensitive area, and every friction makes you feel the shock of electric shock!

Come and enjoy the super realistic squiring penis!



A Sexual Love from Beginning to End

You just can’t go wrong with a suprising, real-feel dildo like this one! keep this squiring dildo on hand and indulge in your sexual fantasies anywhere you like instead of wait around for a man to satisfy your desires!

Press the control ball, you will experience a powerful ejaculating, you will feel you are making love with a real man, you will reach the climax together.

How exciting and happy!






male erection

Male Erection Designed

Junior players prefer a soft penis with a sense of protection and experience. But this is not enough for you who want to explore the excitement!

Fondlove Ejaculating Dildo is designed more closely replicate erect male penis. The realistic head, veiny shaft and wrinkly balls will fill you up just like a male would! All you have to do is to relax and start your adventure and enjoy throughout the play.

Ideal for deep penetration and get ready for an incredible sex!




cumming dildo

suction cup dildo

easy clean dildo

Private Packaging

How to Use:

  1. Disconnect the tube from the nozzle of the bulb;
  2. Sucking liquid through the nozzle by squeezing the control ball;
  3. Connect nozzle with the tube ensure it will not fall off;
  4. Pump it to squirt at any time you like, you will feel the man’s ejaculating!

Hands-free Pleasure:

A powerful suction cup base allows you to experience hands-free play and easily to get the best positions for intense sensitive spot stimulation! Stick the sturdy suction cup base on the wall, floor, or any hard and flat surface of bathroom or outside and ride on this Dildo to a powerful climax.

How to Clean:

Sucking clear water into the control ball and squeeze it repeatedly to flush the inside pipe;

Repeat several times;

Dry it in a cool place.

For your health, please wash it before and after use.

Discreet Package :

We will have a dedicated sealed bag, unmarked packaging, confidential delivery, express orders without leaving any sensitive words.

  • Item specifics:

Total Length: 9.5inches

Weight: 1.2 lb

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