K-Y Me & You Intense Ultra Thin Latex Condoms

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  • [NATURAL RUBBER LATEX CONDOM WITH WATER-BASED LUBRICANT] These dotted and ribbed latex condoms are extra lubricated with water-based lube to provide greater comfort and smoothness and helps quickly prepare you for intimacy.
  • [STIMULATES & INTENSIFIES FOR HER AND NATURAL FIT FOR HIM] Natural fit shape makes condoms easy to put on and more comfortable to wear. The lubrication that K-Y condoms provide helps stimulate her making the act of intimacy more comfortable.
  • [EMPOWER WOMEN TO HAVE BETTER SEX. ALWAYS!] Finally a condom that considers women’s needs! This extra lubricated K-Y condom supplements her natural lubrication and can help close the pleasure gap between you and your partner.
  • [FROM THE #1 DR RECOMMENDED LUBE BRAND] From K-Y, the #1 Doctor Recommended Personal Lubricant Brand in the U.S. 100% Electronically tested for strength to help ensure reliability
  • [CONVENIENT AND DISCREET PACKAGING] Easy to store pods and condom foils, with subtle design.


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Increase Your Pleasure

K-Y Intense condoms are ribbed, dotted, and extra lubricated for her. The lubrication is specially formulated to help intensify her pleasure by providing a tingling sensation.

Safe & Effective

K-Y Condoms are safe and effective so you can have the confidence you deserve.

Convenient & Discreet Packaging

Easy to store pods and condom foils, with subtle design.

Trusted Brand For 100 Years

K-Y is the most trusted in the vaginal lubricants and moisturizers category in the US among the Universe of Physicians*.


Available in 12, 24 and 48 Count


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Manufacturer of The Latex Condoms

Condom EqualityWhy K-Y CondomsExtra Lubricated

Condom Equality

Even with protection, sex should be equally pleasurable and incredible for both men and women. So it’s time we call for Latex Condoms, and fight for equal condom rights!

Why K-Y Condoms?

You deserve to have amazing sex! K-Y Intense condoms may help to provide a more exciting and pleasurable experience for you and your partner.

Also Available In Extra Lubricated

Also try K-Y Extra Lubricated Condoms designed for increased comfort and smoothness.

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K-Y Me & You Intense Ultra Thin Latex Condoms
K-Y Me & You Intense Ultra Thin Latex Condoms


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